Rainbow Wings - Rainbow LED Wings

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Become the shining point of every party, leaving everyone speechless! 

Show off your creativity with this dazzling  one-of-a-kind costume and fascinate your friends and family! 

More than 300 energy-saving LED lights, hand-sewn with  high-quality microfiber , provide absolutely endless fun and joy for all customers of all ages 

Suitable for any event- dance festivals, children's parties, costume competitions, carnivals, birthday parties, Christmas, belly dancing, stage performances,  etc...The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

Product Highlights

Rainbow LED lights -  the "Rainbow Pop" gives you wings, you become the star of the show!

Unique design - by the leading fashion designers to create , this advanced version of a rainbow over 300 unique LED bulbs sewn by hand together , instantly make you and your child in the spotlight! 

Simple operation-  just insert 3 AA batteries and fix them on your neck, and you can enjoy the performance!

Sparklefy every festival, party, carnival-  whether it is your dance recital or children's party... we can meet your needs. Provide a rainbow-like  performance that will fascinate your audience! 

100% testing and safety assurance- Obtained the official certification marks of the US "FCC" and the EU "CE". 


Adult: Height (5-6  feet) Wingspan (10 feet)             
Child: Height (4-5ft) Wingspan (8ft)