Rainproof Car Mirror Stickers Set

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Make your driving safer in heavy rains!

Our Rainproof Car Mirror Stickers protect your rearview mirror especially when driving in rainydays. With the features of waterproof and rainproof, they are also highly resistant to fog, glare, mist, scratch and more, which ensures you driving safety.

Made with premium PET together with nano-hydrophobic technology adopted, the film’s waterproof effect reaches up to 98.8%, which maintains excellent performance in all rainy and foggy days.

Simply apply the films on the rearview mirror, besides offering you better clarity, the anti-stain
hydrophilic hard coat surface ensures dart to be removed easily by water as well.

  • Multifunctional : Waterproof, rainproof, anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist; protects your rearview mirror from blur in bad weathers

  • Perfect Protection: Shield and protect your rearview side mirrors from unwanted scratches, smears, dust, and dirt so as to maintain perfect clarity all the time
  • High Definition and Durable: Made with good performance PET and nano material with highly hydrophobic and transmittance properties

  • Easy Installation: Just take a few minutes to install by sticking the films to the rearview mirror to ensure your driving safety in rainy or foggy weather

  • Anti-Stain: Easy removal of dart when water goes between super hydrophilic hard coat surface
  • No Residues Behind: Environmentally friendly material with strong adhesion and protection while no damages to the mirror

  • High Compatibility: Universal use on the rearview mirrors on cars, trucks, trailers, etc., and even bathroom mirror or glasses
  • 1.Clean the dusts on the glass surface with the cotton cloth
  • 2.Wipe the rearview mirror with alcohol cotton
  • 3.Find and tear off the No.1 label
  • 4.Paste the film onto the mirror surface
  • 5.Slowly paste from top to bottom with the scraper
  • 6.Tear off the No.2 label for perfect clarity

  • Material: PET, nano
  • Color: Transparent
  • Mounting Type: Adhesive
  • Dimension: 95 x 135 mm/ 175 x 200mm
Package Includes: 
  • 2 pcs x Rainproof Car Mirror Stickers