Rechargeable Portable USB Negative Ions Mist Air Conditioner

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3-in-1 Function: Rechargeable Personal air conditioner, cooler fan and air sterilizer...

multifunction design cools humidifies for better air, refrigeration design takes you away from the hot summer, enjoy your cooling summer.
Three Wind Speeds: Three wind speeds (high, medium, low) can be adjusted, the maximal fan rotating speed arrives to 3.24m/s, manual up-down to adjust blowing direction in 80 degrees, create your own personal cooling zone.

You can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time, sleeping, or working time.
Energy-saving & silence: our evaporative coolers are a freon-free air conditioner that could operate at low energy consumption.

Only need to add water into the tank to generate cool fresh air.

More environmental protection and energy saving. And it is low noise, so it will not disturb you, no matter you are working or fall asleep.

Multiple Power Supply Methods: Three power supply methods, you can use the USB port of mobile devices such as laptops for power supply. Use the charger to supply power through the wall outlet.

With mobile power supply, 2000 mAh can use 6 hours, don't worry about power failure.
Portable: This personal air conditioner has a mini portable design with a handle on the top of the air cooler, easy to move, perfect for your office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, Outdoor, etc.


Battery voltage: 3.7V
Input voltage / current: DC5V / 1A
Output power: 4W
Fan working current: 1st gear 240mA / 2nd gear 460mA / 3rd gear 730mA
Negative ion working voltage / current: DC == 5V / 20mA
Ion concentration: 1X108PCS / cm3
Ozone concentration: less than 0.03PPm
Fan button
1 / Click the fan button to turn the fan on and off. Click the first gear of the fan to work for the first time (default low gear)
Click the second gear of the fan to work twice, click the third gear of the fan to work three times (default high-end); click the fourth time to turn off the fan
2 / Long press the fan button to start the intermittent blowing mode, blow for 10 seconds and stop for 5 seconds, and long press again to switch the continuous blowing mode

color: white
Material: ABS
size: 139X136X 208mm

Package Contents:
1 * Portable Mini Air Cooler
1 * USB cable
1 * Instruction