Refrigerator Cleaning Tool

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No more leakage or smelly fridge!

You can now easily give your fridge a deep clean with Refrigerator Cleaning Kit.

Refrigerator Cleaning Kit can help you to clean the refrigerator drain and the tubes. This removes the built-up bacteria and stains which can prevent frost from accumulating and blockage from happening. It is also a solution for any leakage. When the blockage is cleared, your fridge will be deodorized as well. 


  • Bacteria Free:
    Cleaning your refrigerator drain and other long tubes to remove bacteria and stain build up so they do not contaminate your hose, foods, and goods.
  • Defrost:
    Helps you to inject warm water into the drain hole, which helps to defrost and remove the accumulated ice. 
  • Clear Drain Hole:
    The nylon bristles collect and remove the drain, food, grease build-up, and debris clogging up in the drain hole which can prevent frost from building up in the freezer.
  • Solve the Leakage:
    Without the frost building up, there will be no more water leaking out.
  • Deodorize:
    When the blockage is cleared, the unpleasant smell will be gone.
  • High Adaptability:
    Suitable for all branded refrigerators, freezers, and wine cabinets.
  • Easy-To-Use:
    No need to turn off the fridge while using it to avoid spoiling food.


  • Material: PVC
  • Size:
    • Syringe: 3.5cm x 18.5cm 
    • Dredge Tube: 1.5m (length)
    • Plunger: 2cm x 9cm 
    • Ice Shovel: 5.5cm x 16.5cm 


    • 1x Syringe
    • 1x Dredge Tube
    • 1x plungers
    • 1x Ice Shovel