Refrigerator Drawer Type Storage Box

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Refrigerator Storage Box-- The basket has 2 clips to effective use refrigerator space, and the strip can be stuck on the refrigerator partition, saving space.

✧ 1 Grids: Large Space in a Refrigerator storage box drawer. Meet your various needs.

✧ Space Saving: It is very suitable for making storage locations in the idle space of the refrigerator, and it is also easy to sort and store condiments, vegetables, meat and eggs.

✧ Pull-out Design: The unique design of the handle makes it easy to pull in and out, which is very convenient when storing food.

✧ Sturdy Material: food grade PET material, BPA-free, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly, high transparency, not easy to break, strong and drop resistant

✧ Wide Range of Uses: Fridge Shelf Holder is suitable for canned drinks, vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs, fruits and other foods. It is a good helper for refrigerator storage.


1. Thick material, drawer design, save space, compartmental storage, deepen egg trough, easy to clean

2. Effectively save refrigerator space

3. Drawer type stretch design, easy to pull

4.Organize reasonably to keep food fresh

5. Deep groove at the bottom, suitable for multiple types of eggs

6. Transparent material, food is clear at a glance

7. Three types meet different requirements

Style: modern

Quantity: 2pcs/set

Product category: refrigerator storage box

material: plastic
Specific material: ABS

Egg box size: 30*19.8*9.5cm
Fruit and vegetable box size: 30.5*19.8*9.5cm

The size of the product is manually measured, there may be some small errors, the specific size is subject to the actual product
Color: transparent
Features: egg box compartment design, drawer design, transparent visualization
Storage place: kitchen, refrigerator

Refrigerator hanging drawer storage box food fruit storage egg box egg rack egg tray household plastic storage box

 Installation steps:

1. Release the adjustable bayonet
2. Insert telescopic rods on both sides
3. Align the refrigerator glass plate
4. Pull the fixed frame to fix it
5. Fasten the buckle to prevent it from falling
6. Put the drawer into the slide rail
7. Product installation is complete
8. Use effect display