Rochie Alma

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  • Style: Elegant
  • Print: Uni
  • Neckline: No.
  • Cups: No.
  • Sleeves: Yes
  • Elasticity: No.
  • Length: Midi

Composition: Barbie

Maintenance instructions:The-meaning-of-the-symbols-on-Romanian-clothes-85 copyThe-meaning-of-the-symbols-on-Romanian-clothes-58 copyThe-meaning-of-the-symbols-on-Romanian-clothes-73 copyThe-meaning-of-the-symbols-on-Romanian-clothes-47 copyThe-meaning-of-the-symbols-on-Romanian-clothes-3 copyThe-meaning-of-Romanian-clothes-symbols-69 copy

* The model wears size S

* A slight color difference should be acceptable due to the size and brightness of the screen.