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Forget bulky gym equipment! From now on, you can do full-body workouts with a lightweight and compact trainer!

Can’t go out of your house and get to the gym? No worries! The Roll'n Stretch Double Wheel Ab Trainer is here to be your light at-home personal trainer.

The Roll'n Stretch Ab Trainer is a double abdominal wheel roller made with natural latex which supports repeated high strength stretching. This ab wheel makes it possible for you to stay fit while in the comforts of your own home. Innovatively designed, the ab roller can replace your waist trainer, abdominal wheel, pull rope, barbell, and dumbbell, which lets you stick to your gym routine even without the bulky equipment! It’s light, compact, and multifunctional!

Thick Resistance Bands

The rollers in this multifunctional Ab Machine are attached with thick resistance ropes for extra strength and durability. They also make the product unique to suit many different exercise styles, needs and body shaping requirements. Be creative and enjoy using this fun exercise wheel!

Fat Burner

Here is your final solution to get rid of your extra fat! This Roll'n Stretch Ab Workout roller is specifically designed as an excellent body Shaper and fat burner tool. Use it for pilates, crunches, pushups and more to achieve that perfect figure.

Adjustable Notches 

Because we always reach for higher levels the bands of this ab wheel roller can be adjusted and tightened as you advance. We also recommend to adjust the notches according to your height, but be careful not to make it too tight to avoid any defects.

Comfortable Knee Base

Exercise freely and don’t worry about your knees while you’re at it. The Roll'n Stretch Ab Roller features a great knee base so you can fully focus on your workout. Enjoy toning your muscles, slimming your waist and building abdominal strength, and most of all enjoy the long-lasting results!

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Superior Quality

You will be using and reusing this multifunctional home workout tool! Therefore, we manufactured this double wheel using high quality materials which enables it to withstand intense workout sessions. Get your ab cruncher today and enjoy its various uses!


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