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Train your cat and don't scratch!

The most recommended product for cat lovers in 2021

Cats like to scratch...stretching while playing, or just because they are bored.

They use scratching to mark their territory or keep their nails sharp.

All these scratches can cause great damage to furniture, curtains and carpets!
The good news is that you can definitely stop your cat from scratching your sofa.

Introducing safety scratches


  • Heavy duty:  A dhesive will strongly adhere to the most surface, such as suede, leather, and wood staining  without degrading or drying. ( Important: Test a small strip of tape on a small corner of the furniture to verify the compatibility of the adhesive.)   
  • 隐形保护: 我们的 Safe Scratch 提供了一种巧妙且相当不起眼的方式来保护您的家具免受宠物的刮伤,同时又不牺牲其原有的美感     

  • 通用: 坚持强烈最表面,如麂皮,皮革,木材染色,面料的沙发上,和光油门。轻松剥离,无需担心任何杂乱的残留物或损坏家具件。      

  • 无毒100%的PET安全:安全擦除™无毒,防过敏的,并且不会刺激你的宠物。     
  • 减轻压力: 不要再为不断观察您的动物而感到压力了,因为担心它们会破坏您的家具或最喜欢的家具。 
  • 让家具更长久 让您的家具保持完美状态,让您在家里最喜欢的地方享受更长时间。

  • 易于涂抹: 只需剥下粘性覆盖物,涂抹在猫抓挠最多的地方。使用随附的大头钉以获得额外的稳定性。

  • 可重复使用 一旦他们停止使用该部位,只需取下保护膜并根据需要重新涂抹。 

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