ScrunchMii XL Wrist Scrunchie (sold as a pair)

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Introducing The Schrunchmii™ an XL wrist scrunchie designed to catch all the water and face wash products that would otherwise fall down your arms and into your sleeves while you wash your face.

While rinsing off a face mask, using a cleanser, or helping out a friend with their hair care routine, The Schrunchmii™ will catch all the flow back of water and products saving you from reaching for the nearest towel or staining the sleeves of your favorite top.

With a large surface area and the comfortable elastic tightness of a scrunchie, we’ve turned this 90’s throwback into a self-care solution. 

NOTE: One order comes as a PAIR of the same COLOR

✔️ No More Mess
We’ll catch the mess, you do the rest! Simply wear The ScrunchMii™ on your wrists while you wash your face, and it's sure to catch all the runoff water keeping it away from your arms and your sleeves.

✔️ Extremely Absorbent
Nothing’s getting past The Schrunchmii!

They are extremely absorbent and will catch all the water that tends to drip down your arms to your elbows and onto your floor while you wash your face. 

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