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Do you want to comb and dry your furry's hair at the same time? 

With our new 2-in-1 pet dryer you will now be able to leave your perfect favorite furry in one go  

PetDryer is a 2-in-1 dryer that combines blow drying with styling. With its RVS coated steel comb tines , it removes tangles, dirt and dead skin, while giving your furry a nice massage. In addition, to ensure durability, it has a removable filter to separate the animal's hair from the hair dryer!


 Combine hair dryer with pet comb . Drying and styling at the same time!

 Power regulation: you can adjust the force of the dryer, depending on the breed of your dog or cat, to dry the hair quickly.



 The comb tines, with RVS steel cable protects, removes tangles, dirt and dead skin. The thick bristles are suitable for long hair, while the fine bristles for medium and short hair. Always with a pad to ensure the comfort of your pet.


 Comb and massage , leave your pet perfect, taking care of it and leaving it perfect at the same minute.  

 The design of the comb is made of stainless steel: environmentally friendly, flexible and durable. Designed for your product to last!

Ultra Quiet not to scare your pet!




Product Name: PetDryer (2 in 1 Pet Comb)

Comb: Fine Barbed Comb

Material: ABS and stainless steel

Power cord length: 1.5m - 2m

Power : 250W - 300W

Size : 29x12x7mm