Set 4 Perechi de Gene cu Eyeliner si Glitter reutilizabile Maxi Lash

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Dare, conquer and be seductive wearing an amazing make-up every day!

Stickers with eyeliner and false eyelashes are the ideal choice being perfect for any occasion and at any time ! Application extremely simple , ultra and their variety will make you love them!

Why are our Stickers a Must-Have? Because they are great, like your choice to wear them whenever you want!

They are extremely easy to apply in less than 1 minute . All you have to do is make sure your eyelids are clean and dry so that the sticker lasts all day. 

They are W aterproof , so you don't have to worry about drops of perspiration or moisture. You can use them anytime and anywhere, whether you are in the gym or at the pool. Their ultra-resistance can only be removed with a cleanser or micellar water.

They fit any occasion due to the variety of colors available (7 colors). Whether you want a discreet make-up on a regular work day, whether you go to a party or have a business meeting, our stickers are the ideal choice. You can opt for a classic and elegant make-up wearing black eyeliner or you can have a seductive look wearing the other shades. Your makeup will be impeccable no matter the choice.

They can be reused in 3 to 5 days no matter how many times you wear them. You can forget about wasted time and the uneven or unsightly lines of regular eyeliner. In less than 1 minute you can get a flawless and long-lasting make-up throughout the day.

Nu prezinta contraindicatii si compusi alergeni. Datorita liniei de eyeliner imprimata pe sticker, nu trebuie sa iti mai faci griji in privinta alergenilor la care esti predispusa. Ce iti poti dori mai mult decat un machiaj incredibil, usor, rapid de aplicat si ultrarezistent in fiecare zi?

Mod de utilizare

1. Asigurati-va ca pielea dumneavoastra este curata, uscata si nu prezinta urme ale produselor cosmetice.

2. Pozitinati corect sticker-ul si fixati-l pe lungimea pleoapei superioare a ochiului.

3. Bucurati-va de un rezultat uimitor!

Nota: pentru o privire mai intensa puteti utiliza un rimel care sa va alungeasca si sa ofere un plus de volum genelor aplicate.


Reusable eyeliner and false eyelash stickers should not be missing from your routine. Don't hesitate to be seductive. Order now, because Beauty Starts at Pandera . 

YES! They last up to 5 days and are reusable! 

Gene GlitterEyeliner


Available colors: Blue, Green, Phosphorescent, Gold, Purple, Black, Pink

Contents: The package contains 4 pairs of Stickers of the same color.