Snapback Postpartum Leggings - Crimson

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Game-Changing Postpartum Leggings

Dubbed by our customers as "forever leggings", this bestseller is every mama's favorite leggings. Our Snapback Postpartum Leggings are the only postpartum leggings you'll need to “snap back” to the comfort you had pre-pregnancy. Whether you are a new postpartum mama or an 'OG' mama with years of motherhood under your belt, you will absolutely LOVE our crimson seamless Snapback Postpartum Support Leggings. Designed for both c-section and vaginal birth mamas with the perfect amount of core compression to help strengthen weakened abdominal muscles & speed up recovery. For c-section mamas, the compression panel sits above your incision area so that it does not rub your scar. Compression from top to bottom helps smooth & flatter your postpartum bod. The fabric is thick enough with no see-through - basically squat proof. So you can wear them without fear of showing the entire world your underwear. Total game changer! Cleverly constructed and designed to be comfy, supportive, and a great tummy coverup while breastfeeding all while helping you "snap back" to all the comfort you need post delivery. A MUST-HAVE wardrobe and hospital bag staple for every new mama.