SpliteX Self Drilling Anchors Screws

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Long-lasting Heavy-Duty Holding Power! 

Superior alternative to traditional plastic plugs - SpliteX  Self Drilling Anchors Screws !

SpliteX  Self Drilling Anchors Screws feature a split design that can be easily and securely screwed into drywall with two expansion sleeves. Completely lock behind-the-wall and provide incredible holding power. No hole or drilling required.


  • Expansion Sleeves Design
    The splite in the ribbed anchors expand on two opposing sides while tightening the screw. Maximum the stability of screws.

  • High Screw Holding Performance:
    Deep thread design provides strong engagement, which ensures up to 66lbs holding power.
    • Anti-Rotation Structure:
      Excellent fixation force. Expansion sleeves help tighten the screw, which prevent from following in the drilling rotation. 
    • Premium Quality:
      Made of high hardness carbon steel with zinc for maximum durability.  Excellent oxidation resistance performance, ensures long time using.
      • Fast & Smooth Installation:
        No hole or drilling required. Sharp triangle heads make the anchor piece easily to hammer into wall. The screw can be easily remove while leaving anchor on wall for reuse.
      • Minimal Wall Damage:
        Provides firm vibration and shock resistant. The screw can be inserted to the wall easily and safely without damage, providing clean appearance on the wall.
      • Wide Application:
        Applicable for using on drywall, Plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, sheet rock, gypsum panel.


      • Material: Carbon Steel, Zinc Plated
      • Size: 12mm x 30mm / 12mm x 40mm



      • 10x SpliteX  Self Drilling Anchors Screws
      • 20x SpliteX  Self Drilling Anchors Screws
      • 30x SpliteX  Self Drilling Anchors Screws
      • 50x SpliteX  Self Drilling Anchors Screws