Stackable Plant Support

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Keep your plants well supported for a stronger, vigorous growth with this stackable pole! 
Say goodbye to slouchy, lifeless plants! By providing them with proper support using our stackable moss pole, you can keep them flourishing as they grow taller!  
Our stackable moss pole comes with a spiked wooden tip for a fall-proof stable stand! Feel free to stack them up as your plants grow taller! 
Handcrafted with natural coconut fibers, our moss poles makes it easier for plants to cling to the pole! Water direction through the moss pole to let your plants absorb moisture as they climb! 
Keep all your plants thriving with our moss pole! Our plant support works for all plants of any heights, from Devil's Ivy, Money Plants, to Swiss Cheese Plants! 
  • Length: 30cm, 50cm
  • Materials: Coconut fiber


  • (1PC Set) 1* Stackable Plant Support
  • (4PC Set) 4* Stackable Plant Support
  • (8PC Set) 8* Stackable Plant Support