Stickable Vase - Single Piece

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Use this stickable vase to beautify your home with flowers and plants. It is equipped with a nanotechnology function, like a suction cup, to help the vase quickly stick to a smooth surface. You can stick the vase directly on any smooth surface made of glass, such as windows, glass doors, glass cabinets, etc. There is no need to use glue or nails or any other adhesive that will damage the surface.
The vase can be easily removed and pasted again and again without damaging the surface. The stickable vase is made of silica gel, which is not easy to break. It is very small and light and can be used for parties, exhibitions, weddings and other activities. It is sold as a single piece. If the product is not sticky, please clean the surface with a damp cloth because there may be dust on it. The water acts as an adhesive, so once you slightly wet the back of the product, rest it against the surface to be pasted while making sure that no air bubbles are formed. Please note: does not include flowers and plants. Once you add them at home, they can be watered in the vase. Country of origin: China.

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L:14.5cm XB:14.5cm / 47gm