Tacocood Wasserdichte, rutschfeste, verschleißfeste und hochwertige Sicherheitsschuhe

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  • Professional quality / absolute security
  • Meets the most demanding criteria
  • Ultra-durable, comfortable and design

Mixed shoes:  suitable for both men and women

Outside or inside, your feet are often at risk during your work: bumps, jams, bruises, perforations, electrical contacts, slips, falls, incorrect movements ... It is important to have  effective protection  during each of your DIY jobs.

The Chances of Injury Are Numerous
Most accidents are related to the environment and not to your actions. Most of the time accidents are related to the impact of a heavy object or the teeth caused by it. They are also often caused by a skid on a slippery or slippery floor.

A unique sporty design
These safety shoes are extremely reliable both for design and for working indoors and outdoors as well as in any terrain (rough terrain, wood, sand, mud ...). They are so comfortable that you will be amazed to keep them busy on a day-to-day basis! Unisex  , they are suitable for both men and women.


  • Mesh design (light, breathable, comfortable)
  • Anti-perforation midsole
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Anti-collision hull
  • Double reinforced seams
  • Heel impact protection with energy absorption
  • Safety shoes according to EN ISO 20345 ( )


Tip : In order to reduce the shipping cost, give you the best price, our shoes do not have a shoe box, thanks for your understanding.