TchauPelo Portátil

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Neither your house nor your clothes are fur!

It’s great to have one or more pets, but the fur around the house or on your clothes can be annoying, isn’t it?

With  TchauPelo Portable,  everything becomes simpler! Its electrostatic cleaning technology allows hair to enter its internal compartment without the need to glue paper or change the refill.

Just iron, clean, throw into the trash can, and you can use it again. It's that simple, it feels like magic!

  • Practical and efficient: just collect hair of any length back and forth.
  • Self-  cleaning : TchauPelo's cleaning technology automatically pushes hair and hair into the internal compartment, so you can clean everything quickly without interruption.
  • 100% reusable: Our TchauPelo is made of high-quality materials and can be used repeatedly for many years , with the same quality as when it was first used. A sustainable solution that eliminates the need for disposable adhesives.
  • It is suitable for all fabrics: TchauPelo Portátil can be used for sofas, carpets, blankets, sheets, pillows, clothes, interiors, etc. Take the test and be surprised!