The Apple Leather Laptop Sleeve

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The Apple Leather Sleeve is our customer's favorite product (The Laptop Sleeve), recreated with our apple leather. Our apple leather is a combination of apple skins that are the by-products of the juicing industry, as well as PU, which acts as a binding agent

- This Sleeves fits inside The Apple Leather Tote

- One piece of material held together with a single brass closure 

13" Sleeve - 

- Width: 12" Height: 8 1/8"

- Designed to fit the 2018 and later 13" Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. 

Please note that 13" is the diagonal length of the Laptop and the Sleeve. We have provided the length and width dimensions of the Laptop Sleeve above. Please ensure you measure your laptop and confirm what year your Apple laptop was produced, as Apple changes their sizing often with each model!