The Disinfectionist by Chargii

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Effective Disinfectant - The Chargii Disinfectionist is designed to sterilize what your eyes can't see. It can be used to disinfect mobile phones, remote controls, toilets, children’s toys, doorknobs, keyboards, door handles, steering wheels, & bedding. 

Disinfect Quickly & Safely - Our UV light wand disinfects quickly and safely by emitting ultraviolet light.  The ultraviolet light destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in harmful substances.

Made for Home, Office, or Travel - The Chargii Disinfectionist is the perfect lightweight & portable UV cleaning wand. It can be easily stored in luggage, backpacks, office drawers, and in the car!

Fast Sterilization: Turn on the UV light and simply sweep the wand across the desired surface you want to clean. The Chargii Disinfectionist doesn't damage any surface, makes no residue, and has no odor.

Not all UV-C Lamps are Created Equal - Some are much stronger than others and we didn't cut any corners. The Chargii Disinfectionist has unparalleled disinfecting strength. We included a free UC-V test card so that you can verify the power of its UV-C light for yourself. Batteries are included.