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The EZ Speaker is the best shower speaker solution you never knew existed. Don't put a stop to your content just because you are getting squeaky clean in the shower! Continue that song, audio or youtube video while in the shower and now you have FULL CONTROL of your media. By being able to PLAY, PAUSE and SKIP you can resume what you're doing on your phone in the shower and GET MORE DONE without interruptions. SING AND VIBE to your favorite music and SKIP SONGS without the hassles. You can finally ANSWER PHONE CALLS without the struggles. Most regular waterproof speakers suffer from poor sound quality and they also just don't hold up very well overtime. EZSpeaker is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR YOUR SHOWER, it will PERFORM and SOUND BETTER in your shower than any regular waterproof speaker out there. There is no reason to just buy any waterproof speaker, it won't hold up and sound as good as the EZspeaker. Here's why....


WIRELESS(Bluetooth) & WATERPROOF - Effortlessly connect your smartphone, tablet, computer or any device for music and phone calls. The complete waterproof design allows you to use the speaker in the shower with no issues to your sound quality or connection. Enjoy!

POWERFUL CLEAR SOUND - High quality audio decode chip, lets you experience great sound quality even while the speaker gets wet.

BUILT IN MICROPHONE - With our convenient one touch design, you can take that phone call you've always wanted to. Never miss an important call again.
UNIQUE SUCTION CUP - Uniquely designed suction cup that sticks easily to any flat surface for longer periods of time. Avoid getting waterproof speakers that are simply not designed to stay put. Just press our speaker up against the surface and watch it stay there!

EXTREMELY DURABLE DESIGN - We made this so you won't have to replace it ever! The encasement and seals are made with long lasting material so you can enjoy it for years to come.

LONG LASTING BATTERY- Advanced battery life allows you to enjoy the speaker for more than just a few sessions. After all, you do shower more than once a week right? Has a built in rechargeable battery. usb charging cable included

AMAZINGLY COMPACT- Its portable design allows the speaker to disappear in the background, making it fit for any setting or environment.
The big buttons allow you to easily control everything on the speaker with ease. Includes play, pause,skip, answer and volume buttons that will allow for a seamless experience.

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