Turbo Shower Head

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Turbo Shower Head -

The Turbo Shower Head is a pressurized shower head making your showers more enjoyable and less boring. Turbo Showerhead is made of ABS material, it's lightweight, tough, and durable. With 3 beautiful colors to choose from including pink-orange, fruit green, and titanium white

Easy To Use -

With a one-key water stop function to make it more convenient for you to use, the three-stop water outlet mode allows you to better enjoy the happiness of showering and you can adjust the suitable model according to your shower requirements.

Filtered Water -

The filtered shower head uses biological active stone to provide ecological pure water filtration to remove harmful substances. It can purify the shower water and adjust the pH value of the water, making the water have less alkaline and helps the skin and hair become healthier.

Detachable & Easy-clean -

Unlike commonly integrated showerheads, the round shower panel can be disassembled. Easily clean the accessories to keep water flowing evenly. Our shower head fits most standard shower arm and shower accessories.

High-Pressure Shower Head -

Built with a stainless steel panel water outlet, its micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, which increases the speed of the water flow and the water pressure. A high-pressure showerhead will provide you with adequate water and comfortable shower time.

 What's included -

Depending on which option you choose it will either come with just the showerhead, showerhead + punch-free holder, or showerhead + punch-free holder and 1.5m hose.