TwistWiz Liquid Dispenser

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Save precious space when travelling or packing for the gym with the TwistWiz™ Liquid Dispenser - no need for 4 bulky bottles when you can add 4 different liquids to the TwistWiz™ Liquid Dispenser!


Take to the gym if showering after a workout or prefect when travelling. The  TwistWiz™ Liquid Dispenser is so easy to use,  Fill the individual bottles with your desired products then twist the TwistWiz™ Liquid Dispenser to the liquid you want to use and pump out as much as you want! 

And better still no drips and spills thanks to the anti-leak system.


The package includes:
• 4 bottles with dispenser and measurer (ml)
• Selective screwtop
• 15 identification stickers
• Viewing window: name and quantity
• Drip-proof and spill-proof system