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Take a seat where and when you want!

Suitable for: picnics, camping, fishing, games, parties, hiking and many more activities that require a seat.

Extendable seat can be adjusted to a height of up to 41 centimetres. When retracted, the stool has a thickness of only six centimeters high. In addition, there is a handy shoulder strap around it.

Easy to transport by bike, car or on foot!

Gardening soon ? Then this seat is also extremely suitable, you can slide it to different heights. This means you always work at the perfect sitting height.

Product specifications
Dimensions: 6 centimeters thick and 25 centimeters wide
Extendable to a height of 41 centimeters
Includes an extendable shoulder strap
Lightweight and can be used in many environments
Maximum load capacity up to 200 kg

The extendable seat is light (1.2 kg) and easy to carry. There is also a shoulder strap around it, so that you can easily walk with it.