Ultimate Play Tent Building Kit

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Amazing For Your Child's Imagination!

This DIY Fort Building Kit lets kids construct anything they pleaseLet your child see their ideas come to life.  



Children will love the wide variety of shapes they can create with this kids' fort building set. This forts for kids set features premium plastic sticks that fit easily and securely into the connecting balls, which have multiple holes for easy building. Now kids can create practically any shape they dream about. Plus, the frame can be quickly disassembled and the pieces put away when play time is over.



Improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens small muscles as they discover how to put together the ball connectors and sticks.

A Fun Private Space For Your Child

Once built, your child can use it as their own private play space.
Decorate it with sheets and cushions so your kiddo can use it to do homework, play or just relax!