Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack

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The Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack offers a convenient way to hang cups, cookware, towels, gloves or anything you want to hang under the cabinet, the shelf, or any other entrance channel. 

Our under-cabinet rack is so easy to install. Simply slide the rack over a cabinet or shelf and it is all done. No complicated installation needed, totally nail-free.

The rack was designed specifically to fit any standard shelf and offers six robust hooks that hold up to 20kg (44lbs) for your kitchen essentials.

Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack


Space Saver: The under-cabinet racks make use of the unused space in your home. Ensure your kitchen utensils are organized and coordinated.
Robust & Sturdy: Sturdy steel constructed, these racks can hold up to 20 kg (44 lbs), enough to hold cups, cookware, pliers and other items.
Easy to Install: Simply slide in the rack over a cabinet, with the curved-ends that locked on the cabinet.
Multi-Use: Our hangers can hold spoons, towels, gloves, etc. or things you want to hang in the kitchen, bathroom or other places.
Creative Design: Comes with two colors and a stylish design to match your kitchen interior.
Standardize Size: 15" x 1.6" x 0.7"