Vintage Butterfly Soulmate Ring

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The Ring of Love: Ring Symbolism

Among the ancients the Butterfly was a symbol of great change and transformation. Butterflies are a lucky charm during cycles of change within your life.

In Ancient Greece, butterflies were the emblem of the soul and psyche and represents its power of immortality within a relationship. For Celtic regions, butterflies represent happiness, wealth, honor, and good fortune.



Butterfly symbolism for change

For people in changing love relationships The Butterfly is a hexagram, a highly mysterious and interesting figure, which works to bring you further clarity and deeper meaning. It's also a great spiritual tool for meditation and awareness.

The butterfly is a sign of rebirth, a symbol of infinite possibilities. It is the sign of the tumbling of male and female energies.

The Fourfold Jewel The Butterfly symbol holds great mystical and transformative power.

It symbolizes a pair of wings enveloped in a ring, which represents the sacred marriage between two energies. At its center there is a ring that represents the balance of masculine and feminine.

Butterfly symbolism for the soul

Your butterfly is your soul, which seeks true love and fidelity. The butterfly helps you know that you have chosen the best partner for you and now you are in a lifetime of good luck.

A marriage is a strong union, it is a union of two souls, two spirits, two minds. A marriage is based on love and affection, of spiritual connection, of devotion, and of the ability to forgive and forget.

This union between you and your partner will bring blessings and good fortune, personal and financial prosperity, and long life together.

The butterfly becomes a metaphor for commitment, loyalty, and fidelity. 1. Separation and togetherness are the best outcomes Two people can become separated for various reasons: Married to careers that take them on different paths.

Letting go of old habits and beliefs is challenging. Whether you're trying to simplify your life or to reconnect with your inner wisdom, it's important to continually look for ways to improve your life. In the end, you want to feel happy, peaceful, and carefree. What butterfly rings can you find that reflect your desired state of mind?


Your package contains a set of rings. One with the butterfly and the other with the butterfly opening. Perfect to share with your partner or for when you find the special someone. 

Available in either Gold or Silver Sets.