White Fire Opal Rose Quartz Flower Pendant (Pendant Only - No Chain)

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White fire opal is the stone of peace and intuition. It is a high energy stone that uplifts your aura color to communicate with the higher realms. Gorgeous with an antique allure, this white fire opal ring shimmers accenting your wrists in a pretty light. You can wear it to your next date to be empathic or your office to be a responsible employee.

White fire opal attracts luck and wisdom towards you. It can open your eyes and broaden your mind to cosmic consciousness. Wearing white fire opal on your right hand also seeks blessings of the moon.

To Physically Clean your White Fire Opal Ring

Take a soft bristle brush
Dip it in warm water.
Scrub the ring gently.
Do it once every two months.

To Spiritually Clean your White Fire Opal Ring

Take your clear quartz wand in the right hand.
Place the white fire opal in front of you.
Hover the clear quartz wand thrice over the white fire opal ring.
Do it before and after wearing.

Gender: Women
Metals Type: 
Silver Plated
Main Stone: 
White Fire Opal/Rose Quartz